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By | August 12, 2016


We have been taking dance lessons from Jeff and Ginny Dolson for the last 5 years. We learned a nice variety of social ballroom dances and go dancing most Friday evenings. The lessons were easy to follow and veryIMG_0342 enjoyable. These instructors are unique in that they break down routines and repeat them as necessary. They even offer to show you steps you may have forgotten if you request it at a later date. If you are interested, they provide the history of each dance, pre-recorded CDs with appropriate music for a very reasonable price, and invite you to join them at different venues to practice your dance routines. They are professional, good natured people with a great sense of humor. We always look forward to what they will be teaching next. Come join the fun and get some exercise and socialize with us.


Thank you Ginny & Jeff Dolson for teaching us so many different dances. We now enjoy going out socially with confidence and pleasure dancing. It’s become a favorite pass time for both of us. You Ted & Dianeare great teachers and have inspired us to get out there and away from the TV.

Love you guys,
Diane & Ted Goodenough




Dancing has changed our lives and we owe it all to Ginny and Jeff. We took their adult education class at our local Northport school and we’ve been dancing ever since! They are wonderful teachers, IMG_0339knowledgable, very patient and fun! We would highly recommend taking lessons with them.


6 thoughts on “Teaching Reviews

  1. Jeff

    Loved reading your reviews here and has inspired me to learn how to dance. It would be such a delight when I go out to socials at my local Tennis Club, If I could dance a few steps.

  2. Alisa

    Wonderful to see Jeff that you are sharing your dance techniques and confidence with the community. You guys are obviously making a lot of people very happy. All the best – Alisa

  3. Taetske Guillaume

    Good evening Ginny and Jeff,

    To start, I have to tell you I love dancing. My problem is that I do it my way which is difficult for my partner. It results on toes being stepped on and the evening does not always end in a good mood. Anyhow, I do not want to give up yet as I am now 67 and hope to have many healthy and dancing years to come.
    Wishing you all the best and keep the swing going.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. jeff dolson Post author


      Try separating your feet. Man’s left foot outside of ladies right foot, ladies right foot in between man’s, man’s right in between ladies and ladies left foot outside of man’s right foot. This way as your dancing you should not be stepping on each other’s feet. By being off center also allows the man to look over the ladies right shoulder in order to navigate the dance floor. Hopefully you find this helpful.



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