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American Waltz – History

In this series of posts I will be covering the history, basic figure and social information for all the Ballroom and Latin dances we teach. The American Waltz is also known as the American Slow Waltz or Boston Waltz. Since this version of the waltz was introduced in Boston in the early 19th century it… Read More »

What is your favorite dance?

We have 2 favorite dances, the Samba and Bolero. The dances are both of Cuban origin and are challenging; the Samba using lower as well as upper body movement and the Bolero requiring a discipline for maintaining your balance. Let us now what your favorite dances are.

Teaching Reviews

  We have been taking dance lessons from Jeff and Ginny Dolson for the last 5 years. We learned a nice variety of social ballroom dances and go dancing most Friday evenings. The lessons were easy to follow and very enjoyable. These instructors are unique in that they break down routines and repeat them as necessary.… Read More »